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Where is Bora Bora Located | Aelida
Where is Bora Bora Located Aelida
Where is Bora Bora and the Society Islands
Where is Bora Bora and the Society Islands
Where Is Bora Bora Located On The Map
Where Is Bora Bora Located On The Map
Where is Bora Bora Located and Why You Must Go There at ...
Where is Bora Bora Located and Why You Must Go There at
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where is bora bora located aelida : Bora Bora (French: Bora-Bora; Tahitian: Pora Pora) is a 30.55 km 2 (12 sq mi) island group in the Leeward group in the western part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of the French Republic in the Pacific Ocean.The main island, located about 230 kilometres (143 miles) northwest of Papeete, is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef.Geography Located in the Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, Bora Bora is a volcanic island surrounded by a vibrant blue lagoon and barrier reef.. Much of Bora Bora's landscape is composed of luscious green hillsides and black volcanic rock that blends into a jagged coast bordered by white sand beaches.If you didn’t know, Bora Bora (island map) is located in French Polynesia and is part of an island chain called the Society Islands. The “Pearl of the Pacific” as it’s also referred to is located about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti and approximately 2,600 miles south of Hawaii.Top Bora Bora vacations, maps, hotels, resorts, flights, weather & more. Find out where is Bora Bora located, including a detailed bora bora map.Top Reasons to Stay in Bora Bora. Luxury resorts and spas dot the island with overwater bungalows, thatched-roof villas and a fabled ambiance.The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, boasts some of the most traditionally designed accommodations in Bora Bora. The resort is located at the southern tip of Motu Tevairoa, the largest islet dotting the outer reef toward the northwest.Where is Bora Bora Located? Seeking mysterious Bora Bora? Think of the vast Pacific Ocean. Look way out to the middle of this water mass and put your finger on the globe about half way between Australia and Peru.Move it to just below the equator and you will locate French Polynesia which covers an area the size of Europe.Bora-Bora is the island group found in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and South America. It is part of the region of French Polynesia, which is a country incorporated into France and comprised of 118 different atolls and islands. Bora-Bora is found within the Leeward island group of French Polynesia, and it comprises around 30.5 km² or 12 mi.² of territory.Where is Bora Bora Located? To reach Bora Bora you have to take a plane or boat, because. Bora Bora is a beautiful island , located in the South Pacific Ocean , 2,500 miles south of Hawaii and 150 miles northwest of Tahiti. Bora Bora is a part of French Polynesia and consists of a main island and a few smaller .Where Is Bora Bora Located - Everything you Need to Know. Bora Bora is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands on this Earth. It is a major tourist attraction, primarily famous fo...Bora Bora is an island in the Pacific Ocean. It is located in the French Polynesia, and it is the overseas territory of France. Its original name is actually Pora Pora, the letter “b” doesn’t even exist in the local language, and it means “First Born.“ The island is 7 million years old but was first discovered in 1722.

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www.oneborabora.comBora Bora Tourism: TripAdvisor has 60,405 reviews of Bora Bora Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Bora Bora resource.Where is Bora Bora Located, Where is Bora Bora Located.Bora Bora is a major international tourist destination, famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts. The major settlement, Vaitape, is on the western side of the main island, opposite the main ...Bora Bora is a 12 square mile island in the Pacific Ocean, part of French Polynesia.Papeete, French Polynesia's capital city, is located about 143 miles away. A barrier reef and lagoon surround Bora Bora.Here we have a Bora Bora map for you to reference. The island is located about 250 kilometers (160 mi) northwest of Tahiti and is surrounded by a large lagoon and several Motus (islands) which act as a natural barrier. In the center of the island is the town of Vaitape which is the main City, where shops and markets are found.Map of Bora Bora area hotels: Locate Bora Bora hotels on a map based on popularity, price, or availability, and see TripAdvisor reviews, photos, and deals.Open full screen to view more. Bora Bora ...Bora Bora vacations from #1 Tahiti experts. Choose your Bora Bora vacation from our selection or get a tailor made quote for your next vacation to Bora Bora and Tahiti Islands. Our travel experts will help your design your ideal Bora Bora trip.Where Is Bora Bora Island Located? The splendid island is located about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti, and about 2600 miles south of Hawaii. Surrounded by coral reefs, the Island is a volcanic origin. It takes less than an hour’s flight from Papeete to reach the island. Once there, visitors are greeted with flowers and warm smiles and a boat ...

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