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Watergate salad - Wikipedia
Watergate salad - Wikipedia
Watergate Salad Pie - Crazy for Crust
Watergate Salad Pie - Crazy for Crust
Watergate Salad - CincyShopper
Watergate Salad - CincyShopper
Easy Watergate Salad Recipe-The Perfect Potluck Dish
Easy Watergate Salad Recipe-The Perfect Potluck Dish
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watergate salad : Pistachio pudding mix is the base for this marshmallow salad with pineapple, nuts and fluffy whipped topping.Directions. In a large bowl, combine pudding mix, pineapple, marshmallows and pecans until well blended. Gently stir in whipped topping. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour or until ready to serve.Original Watergate Salad This original Watergate Salad is another one of those classic recipes that dates back to the 70s and that just about every southern cook has in their party file, though like everything else, with some variations.Watergate Salad is a delicious retro recipe that can be whipped up in just 5 minutes!. This easy pistachio fluff recipe is a classic recipe made with pecans, pineapple, and pistachio pudding! It can be served as a potluck side dish or even a dessert!Is it a side salad or a dessert salad? It’s either! Watergate Salad breaks all the rules. It’s a crazy delicious concoction of pistachio pudding, Cool Whip, pineapple, and marshmallows. Watergate Salad is a retro dessert that is both fun and tasty. Set some Watergate Salad out at your next ...When this sweet "salad" was created in the 1970s, it was called Pistachio Pineapple Delight. Somehow it took on the name of an infamous Washington, D.C., hotel. Either way, it's still a must-have side for the holiday roast.My easy Watergate Salad is the perfect dish to make for any potluck, holiday or church picnic! No need to spend hours baking fancy desserts to be the talk of the party. This Watergate Salad recipe just takes a few minutes, and it’ll be the most popular dish at your next potluck! Pin it to your DESSERT BOARD to save for later!Watergate salad, also referred to as Pistachio Delight or Shut The Gate Salad, or colloquially as Green Goop, Green Goddess, Green Fluff or Green Stuff, is a side dish salad or dessert salad made from pistachio pudding (the green part), canned pineapple, whipped topping, crushed pecans and marshmallows. It is very quick and simple to prepare: the ingredients are combined and then chilled, if ...Watergate Salad is a traditional fluff recipe with pistachio pudding, marshmallows, and pineapple! It's the perfect potluck recipe. This easy dessert salad has just a few ingredients and will remind your guests of childhood family gatherings.I checked all the other recipes here, and each one is a little different in one way or another. THIS is the real deal. I got the recipe from the chef at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC where the recipe originated. If you want the same one served there that was made famous there....this is it.

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Create a cool and creamy classic with our Watergate Salad! Learn how to make this Watergate Salad with the help of our short of quick tips.This sweet, creamy concoction is made up of pistachio pudding, pineapple and whipped dessert topping, dotted with miniature marshmallows and cherries and sprinkles with coconut.WATERGATE SALAD (PISTACHIO DELIGHT) Watergate Salad (Pistachio Delight) is a simple dessert salad made from pistachio pudding mixed with crushed pineapple, cool whip, mini marshmallows, and chopped pecans.Watergate Salad. Pistachio Dessert Salad, Watergate Salad or Pistachio Fluff – whatever you choose to it – it’s delicious! I mean, what’s better than dumping a handful of ingredients together in a bowl, giving it a quick stir, popping in the fridge to the chill and then having it ready to go when you are?DIRECTIONS. STIR pudding mix, pineapple with juice, marshmallows and nuts in large bowl until well blended. GENTLY stir in whipped topping. REFRIGERATE 1 hour or until ready to serve.Watergate Salad: A Fluffy Green Bite Of Washington, D.C.'s Past : The Salt Thirty years ago, if you walked into a deli in Washington, D.C., you might find a dish called "Watergate Salad." And it's ...In a large mixing bowl, combine pineapple, pudding mix, marshmallows, and pecans. Set aside 1/2 cup Cool Whip, refrigerating it until you're ready to serve the dish. Fold the rest of the Cool Whip ...The Watergate scandal was a major American political scandal that lasted from 1972 to 1974, following a burglary by five men of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972, and President Richard Nixon's subsequent attempt to cover up his administration's involvement. After the five burglars were caught and the ...Have your cake and eat it too! Receive weekly recipes and updates from Paula. Never miss a tasty treat again!Watergate Salad is one of those traditional, sweet, fluffy “salads” that you find at every southern gathering whether it’s on the Easter dinner table or something brought to a summer pot luck. Watergate Salad is similar to another classic, Ambrosia salad, with marshmallows, fruit, and nuts ...

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