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2011 Holden Special Vehicles E3 CLUBSPORT R8 - adrian01 ...
2011 Holden Special Vehicles E3 CLUBSPORT R8 - adrian01
Holden-tuner HSV offers supercharged LSA V-8 on most models
Holden-tuner HSV offers supercharged LSA V-8 on most models
Holden Special Vehicle’s Top 10 Greatest Hits
Holden Special Vehicle s Top 10 Greatest Hits
2011 HSV Clubsport R8 LPI - Review | AnyAuto
2011 HSV Clubsport R8 LPI - Review AnyAuto
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hsv lpg performance car on the way photos 1 of 3 : HSV concluded that LPG is the more viable option over diesel when it comes to a fuel economical performance car. Mr Harding says the company seriously did consider the diesel idea having even ...HSV confirms LPG performance car HSV has confirmed it will begin selling an LPG-powered version of its V8-powered performance cars from 2010.There is still too many people out there who think you can't get power out of LPG so they see a HSV on LPG straight they think nah I don't want a (de-tuned) HSV so to speak. That will be the reason. This way they can market LPG at cruising speeds and when you want power it goes to petrol. I agree I would much rather see a dedicated LPG HSV.HSV working on high-performance LPG system. ... or a genuine desire for greener performance cars, HSV is listening to the people and is currently working on several major developments in the area. ...The lpg rebate has seen many of them convert and now they can enjoy their cars more often, which isnt so good for the environment:whistling but it is acknowleged in the release: Regardless of how well its LPG system runs, HSV will still have a marketing battle on its hands to convince customers the fuel can be used in a muscle-car.With a liquid injection system, HSV's new LPG models deliver big fuel savings without compromising the V8 performance.You’re looking at the most powerful factory LPG sedan currently on the market; the 2012 HSV Senator Signature LPI. It’s the businessman’s muscle car. Last month (October) in Australia just ...Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) is the officially designated performance vehicle partner of Australian marque, Holden.Established in 1987 and based in Clayton, Victoria, the company modified Holden models such as the standard wheelbase Commodore, long wheelbase Caprice and commercial Ute for domestic and export sale. Holden Special Vehicles also modified other non-Holden cars within the General ...2011 HSV Grange E3; 6.2-litre V8 petrol/LPG: ... Although most people cringe at the thought of LPG anywhere near a performance car, some of the fastest drag cars operate on LPG, as it offers a ...HOLDEN Special Vehicles could introduce cutting-edge LPG-powered V8 models as early as next year. HSV managing director Phil Harding has told GoAuto that the high-performance marque has developed a dual-fuel LPG system for the 317kW/550Nm LS3 V8, which produces equivalent amounts of power and torque ...

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HSV owners club of WA has a great bunch of friendly, helpful guys and girls with a common interest i... n going hard on race tracks and also a good bunch to have cruises and social events with. Come along to an event and see for yourself.IT’S coming – that is the message from Holden Special Vehicle (HSV) to performance car fans looking to cut their fuel bills with a new car that runs on cheaper liquid petroleum gas (LPG) but without sacrificing HSV's full-bore V8 power.HSV would like to change all that; its engineers have been busily working on an integrated LPG system to add some environmental and 'hip-pocket' benefits to its high-performance catalogue. The HSV ...Australia's favourite car company. *Stock and model availability may vary between dealers. Eligible 2018 plated SportsCat demonstrators come with the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty and must be ordered and delivered between 8 July - 31 August, 2019.The HSV Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) system has been uniquely engineered by HSV and is the latest generation in automotive LPG fuel systems that will produce substantial fuel savings combined ..."We believe that for the person who has bought into LPG as an alternative fuel, that there is appeal in a technology that can deliver a seamless mix of high performance, lower emissions, and lower running costs." At this stage, HSV estimate the uptake of customers choosing LPI in its new E3-Series range to be upward of 5 per cent.HSV engineering general manager Joel Stoddart says it had been difficult enough for company management to overcome the "taxi mentality". "It was even harder to understand this and implement it in a performance car," he said. HSV boss Phil Harding says the decision was made two years ago when petrol was about $1.60 a litre and rising.[But] the diesel fell over for investment and return and the LPG car didn't." HSV has also ruled out a return of V6 power to its range -- for now. "I haven't found a single six-cylinder product that powers the car to a performance level that's more economical than our high compression ratio, light weight, uniquely packaged, V8 engine," Harding ..."This (dedicated system) allows us to optimise the engine performance specifically for LPG and get better performance and economy," he says. Devereux says the system will be "very sophisticated" but refuses to confirm it will be a direct-injection liquified LPG unit that is now in use on the dual-fuel HSV vehicles.LPG and performance cars. Reply ... Far as I know there is a big power impreza running LPG as well. With any performance car you have to fit the best of the best system - which will cost a bit. ...

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