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french polynesia wikipedia : French Polynesia exports noni juice, a high quality vanilla, and the famous black Tahitian pearls which accounted for 55% of exports (in value) in 2008. French Polynesia's seafloor contains rich deposits of nickel, cobalt, manganese, and copper that are not exploited.The term Polynesia was first used in 1756 by a French writer named Charles de Brosses, and originally applied to all the islands of the Pacific. In 1831, Jules Dumont d'Urville proposed a restriction on its use during a lecture to the Geographical Society of Paris.French Polynesia (Polynésie française) is a set of islands that is an overseas country attached to France.Located in the South Pacific Ocean, it is halfway between California and Australia.. Tahiti and its islands cover four million square kilometers of ocean which is the same area as the European Union.Hao is 920 km east of Tahiti. It is 50 km long and 14 km wide. The lagoon is the fourth largest atoll in French Polynesia (after Rangiroa, Fakarava, and Makemo) and has only one navigable passage, at Kaki, on the north end of the atoll where strong currents prevail up to 20 knots with bores. The lagoon covers an area of 720 km².French Polynesia (French: Polynésie française, Tahitian: Porinetia Farani) is a French "overseas collectivity" (French: collectivité d'outre mer, or COM) with the particular designation of "overseas country" (French: pays d'outre-mer, or POM) in the southern Pacific Ocean.. The country is made up of several groups of Polynesian islands.The most well-known is Tahiti, the most populous island ...French Polynesia (Polynésie française) is halfway between California and Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. It is an overseas country (pays d'outre-mer), governed by France, which administers education, justice, defense, and internal security, while a local parliament takes care of other day-to-day affairs.French Polynesia is an overseas collectivity of the French Republic and the only overseas country of France. It is composed of 118 geographically dispersed islands and atolls stretching over an expanse of more. WikiVisually the entire wiki with and photo galleriesFrench Polynesia (French: Polynésie française, Tahitian: Porinetia Farani) ek French "overseas collectivity" (French: collectivité d'outre mer, nai to COM) jiske designation "overseas country" (French: pays d'outre-mer, nai to POM) southern Pacific Ocean me hae.. Ii des me dher Polynesian island hae. Isme se sab se jaada jaana jaawe aur sab se jaada population waala island Tahiti hae, jon ...Pulung Aptas king Polynesia: Austral Islands • Cook Islands • Easter Island • Gambier Islands • Hawaiian Islands • Kermadec Islands • Loyalty Islands • Marquesas • Islands of New Zealand • Pitcairn Islands • Samoan Islands • Society Islands • Tokelau • Tonga Islands • Tuamotus • Tuvalu • Wallis and Futuna IslandsFrench Poliinesya (French: Polynésie française; Tahityan: Pōrīnetia Farāni) esa owasiis kolektiwitii o' t' French Ripablik an t' wan owasiis kuntrii o' France.Ets kompoz'd a' 118 jiiografikalii dispers'd ailen an atol stretchin owa an ekspans a' mor den 2 000 kilometres (1,200 mi) i' t' Sowth Pesifik Oshen.Ets lan airea i' daffy es 4 167 skwar kilometres (1,609 sq mi).

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