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Young Bodybuilder Muscle Flexing - YouTube
Young Bodybuilder Muscle Flexing - YouTube
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flexing : showing off/fronting. When one male-gender-oriented indvidual decides to show another of the classification their bicep muscle, and in the process tightening the muscle, achieving maximum douchebag level. Usually used on somone who could be described as being a 'hater' by the flexer, or the 'flexee'4. To exhibit or show off the strength of: "They had spent six years since the lightning Six Day War flexing their invincibility" (Howard Kaplan).FOLLOW @realpopsmoke & @goddywoddy ON IG. FLOSSY Rapper Pop Smoke Says his opps NEVER Spin & POLICE rush the interview - Duration: 10:20. Melz Tv 272,490 viewsFlexing definition, to bend, as a part of the body: He flexed his arms to show off his muscles. See more.This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue QueueSUBSCRIBE: The best female bodybuilder flexing muscles for you! - Share the videos and also subscribe to their related channels for their secret workouts!Find consultants, experts & flexible resources across business functions -Strategy, Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance, Research, Analytics, Technology Management.flex (one's) muscle(s) 1. Literally, to contract one's muscles, especially to demonstrate their size and strength. He's so vain, flexing his muscles in the mirror whenever he thinks no one is looking. She flexed her muscles and told us not to mess with her brother again. 2. By extension, to demonstrate one's influence, power, or strength. The small but ...Showing off your valuables in a non-humble way. As far as urban slang, the definition is "to show off."Used by many rappers, most notable Ice Cube and the Geto Boys.Originated in the urban community, and has been used for quite some time.

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Flexing, also called Bone Breaking, is a style of street dance from Brooklyn, New York that is characterized by rhythmic contortionist movement combined with waving, tutting, floor moves, and gliding.Flex dancers, referred to as flexers, often perform shirtless and incorporate hat tricks in their performance for showmanship103.9k Followers, 1,664 Following, 1,653 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from strong and beautiful ladies (@flexingladies)While flexing and the idea behind it have been popular for a long time, it was recently re-popularized by Rae Sremmurd, a hip hop duo comprised of two young brothers who were both under 21 around ...Ever seen a flexing ? Wondering if there are muscles that you can work out? In this guide to the best flexing exercises, we’ll go over what’s actually happening anatomically when you flex your and discuss the role of the pelvic floor in flexing.Flexing may refer to: . Flexion, the bending of a joint; Flexing (dance), a street dance that originated in Brooklyn, New York Muscle contraction, activation of muscles causing shortening and bulging; See also. Flex (disambiguation) Bending (disambiguation)Flexion definition is - the act of flexing or bending. 4 a: a bending movement around a joint in a limb (such as the knee or elbow) that decreases the angle between the bones of the limb at the joint — compare extension sense 3bflexion [flek´shun] 1. the act of bending or the condition of being bent. 2. in obstetrics, the normal bending forward of the head of the fetus in the uterus or birth canal so that the chin rests on the chest, thereby presenting the smallest diameter of the vertex. plantar flexion bending of the toes or foot downwards toward the sole. flex (fleks), In ...Flex definition is - to bend especially repeatedly. How to use flex in a sentence.Check out our live service where you can watch and chat directly with muscle guys! Flex Men On CamWhen operating robotic or automated equipment that is in constant motion, the type of cable handling the load is a critical component to keep things running efficiently. TPC flexing cables will withstand the repetitive motion that typically destroys conventional flexible cable in a matter of minutes.

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